College of Liberal Arts Hosts “Declare A Minor” Day

Declare a minor

Students can declare a wide range of minors through the College of Liberal Arts.

Rutvi Parikh

News Writer

Benedictine held an event where students were encouraged to come in and sign up to add a Minor to the current degree they are pursuing.

“Simply put, a minor is a secondary academic discipline, another subject to focus on in addition to the major” according to Allison Wignall, a writer for

This secondary academic discipline gives a student the chance to study in a field of their second interest. For example, a student can be majoring in Mathematics and along with that can have a minor in Spanish. Two different fields but the if a student has interest in both, then they can do one as a major and another as a minor.

A lot of students think that adding a minor is adding on a ton of work. At times that might be true, but a here are the actual requirements to declare a minor,

“If you do a major and a minor, you’d already have 6 courses from your major and 2 courses from your minor. Including the 3000-level IDS course from General Education, this totals 27 hours. That is, you’d need just one more course at the 3000+ level to satisfy the University requirement,” according to Jennifer Gardner, Assistant to the Dean of Dean College of Liberal Arts.

There were staff members from Registers Office and Advising Center at the event for the students who had questions or needed help signing up for a minor. The event was held to get the awareness out that adding a minor to your current major may not be as hard as some students think it is, along with making the process of adding a minor to a degree a lot easier by just signing a form at the event.

Not only does a minor help a student achieve their interests in multiple way but there is another good benefit to adding a minor.   

“A minor is a great way to make yourself that much more interesting to a future employer or graduate school by coming up with a distinctive combination of credentials,” Jennifer Gardner.

If a student needs recommendations on whether they should add a minor, or if they want to know what minor they are able to add on, then they should visit their BenU counselors. Your counselors would be able to give you some good advice on potential minors and the more benefits they offer.