Halloween Events at BenU

BenU holding halloween events

Some events that will be held this October include movie night on the quad and a “Trunk or Treat.” (Photo courtesy of Imdb.com and Clipartmax.com)

Dominic Fucile

News Writer                                                                                                  

The month of October on the Benedictine campus will see numerous events presented by various student and faculty organization, all in the lead up the Halloween.

The frightful events begin this week as the Political Science Student Association will be hosting a viewing of the film “The Purge”, announced an email from the Department of Student Life. This horror thriller about the “One night a year where all crime is legal” will be showing on the Quad Thursday October 11 at 8:30 PM.

Students aren’t the only ones getting involved in the Halloween season. An email from Jon-Pierre Bradley, Director of Alumni Relations to all Benedictine staff announced this years’ “Trunk or Treat” will be taking place on October 29.

This event is a collaboration between the offices of Alumni Relations, University Development Events, Student Life and Student Activities.

The Trunk or Treat will allow families to pay $10 to trick or treat on the Benedictine campus, with candy provided by Benedictine Staff. The “Trunk” in “Trunk or Treat” refers to “several cars parked in a circle with their trunks open and decorated. Inside the trunk is bags of candy to be given out to the children who come to see the decorations”.

The initial request letter accompanying the email says the Benedictine staff will be in providing “the main character – candy.”

Bradley also mentions tables run by various student organizations, though further specifics were not provided. All proceeds will go toward the Universities “Mission Fund,” which provides aid to students who face financial hardships.

These events mark a noted difference between this October and last, when there was no trick or treating whatsoever due to the covid pandemic. Most student organized events, such as movies, were entirely virtual.

Additional events will be announced in the coming weeks through the Department of Campus life and the various student organizations.