Ben Talks Event Discussed Benedictine and The LGBTQ+ Community

BenTalks Event Held

An event was held last Wednesday to discuss Benedictine University and the LGTBQ+ community. (Photo Credit: Benedictine University)

Jesus Cortez

News Writer

Benedictine University hosted a Ben Talks that focused on making the community friendlier for the LGBTQ+ community last Wednesday. The event was facilitated by Marc Davidson, Dr. Peter Huff, and student members of Queers + Allies.

The consensus of the event was that the majority of the faculty are supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Peter Huff stated that he believes Benedictine is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and hopes for this to become common in the Catholic community.

“Catholic universities must take the lead to ground ourselves in the higher values,” said Huff. “Catholic institutions are driven by reason”

Benedictine currently allows transgender students to use the public bathroom based on their identified gender. If a transgender student would like to use a private bathroom, the university has a gender-neutral bathroom in the second floor of Goodwin, which requires a key that can be provided by Marc Davidson.

“I personally have not had an issue with a professor when I revealed I was gay,” said Jacob Pipowski, Treasurer of Queers + Allies, formerly known as GLOW. Jacob also expressed that students of the Queers + Allies Club currently have a positive impression.

It was also discussed that professors who ask for preferred pronouns at the beginning of a semester help students of the LGBTQ+ community, as they can avoid being misgendered by the professor and students.

Benedictine University is also part of New Ways Ministry, a ministry organization that advocates and educates for equality for the LGBTQ community, according to the New Ways Ministry website.