Ways For Students to Practice Environmental Sustainability

Students recycling

Saher Khan

Wellness Writer

October is Campus Sustainability Month and is a month devoted to encouraging sustainable practices on campus and teaching students about renewable energy and recycling according to the website Dumpster.  Practicing sustainability is essential to preserve the environment and to avoid wasting plastic. Some establishments have gotten rid of plastic straws, such as Starbucks, and use lids that have a mouth opening.  Lunch box brands such as Byo advocate their reusable lunch boxes and how it is suitable for the environment and water brands such as Hydro flask talk about how their products are eco-friendly.

Students can practice sustainability in these ways:

  • Using Benedictine’s Campus Community Garden
  • Set Up Recycling Stations Around Campus
  • Plan an E-Waste Recycling Drive
  • Organize a Donation Program During Moving Season
  • Start a Bike Rental Program
  • Visit Sustainability Summits
  • Host a Sustainability Fair
  • Tour Renewable Energy Plants and Sustainable Buildings 
  • Start a Composting Program

I have practiced sustainability by bringing my water bottle, reusable lunchbox, and recycling water bottles. Before Covid, coffee places allowed us to get our coffee mugs and provided a discount for doing so. Also, I have helped practice sustainability by bringing reusable bags and portable to-go containers instead of plastic containers.  There are ways we can ensure that we are practicing good sufficient behaviors by making sure we close the lights, fans, and sink faucets when we are done using them because one, this would save energy, and two decreases the bill.

Ways we can practice sustainability as a student is by being involved and bringing awareness. It involves little to no effort when it comes to practicing it. Students can practice this by carpooling and walking to places if it is near for transportation.