Study Abroad in Spain: Land of Many Cultures

Spain photo

Benedictine Students can study abroad in Spain in May 2022. (Photo credit: iStock/ JackF)

Angela Plys

News Writer

Studying abroad in Spain is available to Benedictine University’s students, on May 16-26 in the upcoming semester.  An informational panel about this opportunity was held on September 30, by Dr. Dave Kleinberg of our International Programs and Services Offices.

The intention of this 11-day program is to impart an appreciation for Spain’s culture and history through touring it’s most “iconic” cities, such as Catalonian Barcelona, Castilian Madrid, and Andalusian Seville.

“Why should you go abroad?  Why is this worth your while?  You can see places around the world that maybe you’ve seen in movies or tv shows.  Places that you’ve always dreamed of being, if you loved those fairy tales as a little kid.  If you say, ‘I want to see those castles,’ or ‘I want to understand where my ancestors came from,’ or even, ‘I still have family from that country,’ then just the opportunity to see those places will be amazing,” said Dr. Kleinberg.

Some other reasons for studying abroad include intercultural competence, learning the Spanish language, improving one’s resume, and increased independence.  These skills give students who study abroad so many advantages, according to Dr. Kleinberg.

Any health concerns surrounding studying abroad were addressed at the panel, including concerns around COVID-19 regulations, insurance coverage, and emergency contacts.

The program also includes round-trip airfare, transportation, guided sightseeing, regional-style meals, accommodations, flexible payment options, and more. 

If there are any questions about the Study Abroad Program in Spain, then please email Professor Sarver at  Additional information about the program is available here on the program’s website.