Ceremony Recognizes Partnership with Vaccine Distributor MIDC

A plaque in Goodwin Hall

Benedictine served as a vaccination site where around 16,000 doses were given. (Photo Credit: Benedictine University Media Relations Office)

Dominic Fucile

News Writer

Students and Faculty gathered in Goodwin Hall at 9:00 AM on Wednesday September 22nd to attend the dedication of a plaque from the Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC) honored Benedictine University.

The plaque commemorates the partnership MIDC formed with the University in using Goodwin Hall as a distribution site for vaccines for Covid-19. MIDC is also providing $25,000 to the Universities scholarship fund.

“As a thank you to Benedictine for all the help they gave in getting the vaccine out to so many people,” said MIDC managing partner Dr. Russ Petrak before the dedication.

“We were looking for a partner to provide a location, and we got so much more. We got volunteers, security, and emotional support.”

During the dedication, Dr. Petrak said “what happened here was historic.”

University President Charles Gregory also provided his thoughts in advance of the dedication. “We’re just thrilled we can have this day. It goes without hallmarks as Benedictines, that of community. It’s very personal for me.”

Indeed, this was a personal moment for the president, as he recalled at the beginning of the dedication those in his immediate family that he personally lost to Covid-19.

“This is more than just a thank you. This is about doing the right thing for the right reason.”

President Gregory also mentioned there was still “more work to do” and that there would be ongoing cooperation with MIDC.

When asked about what form this continued cooperation might entail, Dr. Petrak said that further cooperation was guaranteed, but still undetermined, and would depend on circumstances going forward. “We’ll have to see what form that will take.”

Over the course of the spring semester, the Benedictine vaccination site offered around 16,000 doses according to Nick Van Hise, also with MIDC. This would equate to around 8,000 members of the Benedictine and Lisle community receiving full vaccination.

The plaque, situated on the east wall of Goodwin Hall, reads as follows:

“In the spring of 2021, the Benedictine University Staff, in conjunction with Metro Infectious Disease Consultants, dedicated their personal and professional resources to vaccinate the students, faculty, and community against COVID-19. This Plaque stands as a testament to their heroic efforts to protect those they serve.”