Stretch of the Week: Balasana Pose

Balasana pose with descriptors

Balasana pose with descriptorsAlso known as Child’s Pose, this stretches the hips. thighs and ankles. (Photo credit

Grace Ballas

Wellness Editor

In 2018. I traveled to India to obtain my 200-yoga teacher training certification. In my last semester, I will be writing a series titled “Stretch of the Week.”

Many times, college students feel the need to go-go-go. Especially as we transition back into in-person learning, some students may be feeling anxious. But this pose helps you start your morning feeling relaxed and assured that all tasks will be conquered that day. 

This week we will be waking up and performing what is commonly called Child’s Pose. In Sanskrit, this is called Balasana. 

My biggest suggestion for Child’s Pose is to make sure that your big toes are touching. Knees can be spread across the mat if that is comfortable for you. This position should be held for at least three minutes. 

Tune in next week for the next stretch and stay in the loop for possible yoga classes held in the quad!