Tips for Finals

Sara Molina – News Writer

Most finals will be online and students should prepare ahead of time.  Although this marks the third round of finals taken at home, there are still tips every student should know.

“Everyone knows that studying a little bit over a long period of time is absolutely, undeniably the right way to study, and yet we are all terrible at actually putting this plan into effect,” said Colin Gruenwald from Kaplan Test Prep.

While beginning to study starts week prior to finals, the ACE Center recommends an intense review session five days before an exam.  As a rule of thumb, study at least two hours for every hour in class.

Intense reviews include:

  • Going into office hours for last minute questions
  • Reviewing class notes
  • Creating study notes
  • Working in effective study groups
  • Creating checklist with topics to review

According to Georgetown University, students experience high levels of stress during finals week that impacts their physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing.  It’s important to reduce stress while studying and before exams.

The ACE Center recommends the following tips for stress prior to the finals:

  • Take breaks throughout a study session
  • Switch subject every now and then
  • Reward yourself
  • Be well-rested and well-fed
  • Stay hydrated
  • Practice breathing exercises

“When students are anxious about how they’ll do an exam their worries use up some of their working memory capacity, leaving less of their cognitive horsepower to apply to the task at hand,” said Sian Beilock, psychology professor at University of Chicago.

On the final exam, the ACE Center also lists ways to be a better test taker:

  • Read both directions and questions
  • Budget your time
  • Review test at the end
  • Don’t overanalyze
  • Don’t second guess yourself