Platten is Expecting Her Second Baby

Rachel Platten’s Instagram photo announcing her second baby. Photo Credit:

Amber Syed – Scene Editor

Rachel Platten, American singer-songwriter, announced on Tuesday April 20 that she is pregnant. This will be her second child with husband, Kevin Lazan.

On an Instagram post of herself in a mirror selfie she wrote, “Here’s the other half of what I’ve been creating this year… Baby No. 2 coming in hot. This was a hard secret to keep.”

Platen and Lazan announced in July 2018 that they were expecting their first baby, Violet Sky, who is 2 years old now. Platen and Lazan just celebrated their 10 year anniversary in July.

According to People, Platten also opened up on social media about her “mom guilt”. She explained in her post that the time she got to spend with her daughter this year during the pandemic was “GLORIOUS”. She believes it’s amazing that she is able to show her daughter an example of being a boss and good mama at the same time.

Platten and Lazan have yet to announce the gender and expected due date.