Jannette McCurdy is Done Acting

After years of being a childhood star. McCurdy believes it’s best for her to end her acting career. Photo Credit: Yahoo.com

Amber Syed – Scene Editor

iCarly’s co-star, Jannette McCurdy, also known as Sam Pucket on the show is quitting acting. On a recent episode of her podcast, “Empty Inside”, she explained how difficult acting has always been for her because of her anxiety and that she even experienced it while she was auditioning. Initially, it was her mom who signed her up for her acting career and “she quit several years ago after her mom died”, according to People.

McCurdy also confessed on her podcast that she was ashamed of her past acting career. She further explained that she felt her roles made her feel unfulfilled because it was mostly cheesy and embarrassing.

The main reason McCurdy continued her acting career was to help out her family’s financial stability. As a child her family didn’t have a lot of money and she was the main person who brought in income.

Nickelodeon did announce they will be having a sequel to iCarly, but McCurdy confirmed she will not be playing her role in the show.