Taylor Swift Re-Records Her Fearless Album

Photo Credit: Yahoo.com

Amber Syed – Scene Editor

Taylor Swift announced last week, that she re-recorded and extended her 2008 album, Fearless. She released her first song “Love Story”  (Taylor’s Version) from her new album on Friday at midnight. According to the Atlantic, this new version of “Love Story” is now dedicated as a love letter to her fans.

She posted on Twitter saying “it has 26 songs including 7 never before released songs from the vault.”  According to Billboard, Swift’s new single was number one on the Billboard 200s. She even got 5.8 million on-demand streams, both visual and audio, on the day of her release.

According to TMZ, the release date for the new album has not been announced yet except for her telling her fans it’s “coming out soon”. Some fans speculate that it will be released on April 9th. Fans have also noticed that Swift was not wearing a dress, but rather Romeo’s shirt from the original music video. This could signify that she no longer needs a knight because she is her own knight.

Khadeja Nabela said, “I can’t wait for the full album to drop, hopefully in April!”.

After listening to the new and old version of “Love Story”, I’ve come to the conclusion that both songs sound exactly the same but still amazing and almost brings a sense of euphoria.