Campus Ministry Offers Free Meal Kits for Lent

Photo Credit: BenU campus ministry

Jesus Cortez – Staff Writer

Campus Ministry is offering free dining services to students, staff, and faculty each Friday during Lent. While the kits are free, the spots are limited. So, sign up as soon as possible if interested.

“It’s cool because you learn about another country and you get to make a cool meal too,” said Molly McGraw, a student from Campus Ministry Cor. She helped implement the service on campus during the remote times.

Each Friday, the meal kit will include ingredients for a recipe from a different country that is helped by Catholic Relief Services. The kits can feed up to four people and will also have a recipe card and a reflection on the work that is being done in that country.

Lent begins Feb.17 and runs through April 3. The idea is to fast from certain things like food or festivities and to focus on more important things that may have been taken for granted.  

For additional information and the sign-up sheet, visit .