Black History Month at BenU

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Sanampreet Kaur Bhullar – Staff Writer

This month, we celebrate Black History and the powerful figures that have helped implement change into our society. Black History Month is celebrated annually every February. It marks a time where we can celebrate African Americans’ accomplishments by recognizing the events and notable figures of the African American diaspora. The United States is not the only country that celebrates Black history month, with Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom being notable countries that practice this time of celebration.

The original precursor to Black History Month was the Black History Week created by prominent Black historian Carter G. Woodson. Dr. Woodson chose the second week of February because it coincided with Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’s birthdates. However, Black History Month was not formally introduced until right after February 1969. A group of professors at Kent State University proposed the month to recognize the accomplishments and history of the African American diaspora in the United States. Interestingly, the month was celebrated over a duration of two months (January 2nd to February 28th). However, Black History Month was not recognized until 1976 when President Gerald Ford officially declared the month of February as Black History Month.

Benedictine University celebrates Black History Month in a time where there is much uncertainty regarding the future of the nation. We stress the importance of this month and the legacy that it creates for future generations of Americans. A variety of virtual events have been sent over email these past few weeks.

In particular, the Park Forest Public Library is doing a virtual art experience themed for Black History Month. This experience involves an instructional painting workshop for anyone who is looking to get involved. No skill set required! This experience runs from Wednesday, February 17 to Friday, February 19. Check the following link to get more information: