Black Student Union Reflects on the Election

Photo Credit: Black Student Union (BSU)

Sara Molina – Staff Writer

Black Student Union hosted their first ‘Hot Topics’ of the year with the topic: “Post-Election Thoughts” on February 4, via Zoom. The event allowed students to come talk and listen to others about the outcome and what it means for them.  Students expressed the joy they felt knowing that Trump was no longer in office as well as expectations they have for Biden.

Mercedes Wynter, event coordinator for BSU and Thursday night’s host, reminded the attendees that 74 million people voted for Trump after four years of witnessing his actions.  Wynter also expressed the overwhelming feeling she had during the attack on the capitol on Jan. 6th.

“I was just completely shocked,” Wynter said, “If it was Black people [attacking the Capitol], those streets would have been covered in a lot of blood.”

Although Biden is president, this does not mean that his voters will be satisfied with his choices. Students admitted that anyone can make promises to get elected. Now, Biden must follow through.

Other students believe Biden was the only choice to move us forward.

“I feel like when we select these candidates it’s just about ‘who sounds like they’re going to do the least damage to us?’”  said Damari Owens, a BSU member.

BSU will join Student Senate for “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” a Zoom conversation on healthy relationships, February 11.