Best Commercials of the Super Bowl

Will Ferrell starred in a GM commercials promoting electric cars. His adventure took him to Sweden instead of Norway

Tim Folliard – Sports Editor

Tom Brady was able to win his 7th Super Bowl Ring as the Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs. Brady threw for 3 touchdown passes and the Buccaneers defense was able to stop Mahomes with 3 sacks and 2 interceptions. As great as the Buccaneers played, the commercials were just as good. Here were the 5 best ones from Sunday:

Will Ferrell’s General Motors Commercial

The always hilarious Will Ferrell stars in this commercial with Keenan Thompson and Awkwafina. The trio embarks to Norway because of their ability to sell electric cars. The commercial is for General Motors’ new line of electric vehicles. Ferrell ends up in Sweden, while Thompson and Awkwafina end up in Finland. 

Wayne’s World (feat. Cardi B) UberEats Commercial

Wayne’s World was a 1992 movie that took place in Aurora, Illinois about two friends who record a public-access television show. The duo returns with Cardi B to promote UberEats and use their service to eat from local restaurants. The commercial also features babies dressed up as Wayne and Garth with t-shirts saying Eat Local.

Life Gives You Lemons Bud Light Commercial

This commercial pokes fun at the miserable year that 2020 was. It shows lemons constantly raining down on people as they are riding their bike, attending a wedding and getting a haircut. Very painful. This was to showcase Bud Light’s newest line of drinks, lemonade flavored seltzers.

The Dirty Hoodie Tide Commercial

We all have a sweatshirt that has probably been worn too many times without a wash. In this case, it is a sweater with Seinfeld star Jason Alexander’s face on it. His face changes expressions as the hoodie gets dirty as the dog slobbers on it and he gets stepped on among other activities. Alexander makes an appearance at the end, surprised to see his face being worn.

Drake From State Farm

State Farm commercial fixtures Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes discuss their stand-ins with spokesperson Jake. Rodgers’ stand-in is a Packers fan, while Mahomes is star actor Paul Rudd. Jake’s stand-in is recording artist Drake, who he proceeds to have an awkward encounter with.