“Instead of Goodbye, How About so Long”

Photo Credit: Ora Media

Sara Molina – Staff Writer

Television host Larry King died Saturday, January 23, in Los Angeles, California, according to Ora Media. He was 87.

King, born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, was the child of immigrant parents.  When he was 10, King’s father died.  This forced King’s mother to go on welfare to support King and his brother, according to CNN.

Although King barely finished high school and did not attend college, King knew from a young age that he would be on the radio. The Miami Herald stated that in 1957 King debuted. Moments before King’s first broadcast, the Miami Beach WAHR general manager changed his name from Zeiger to King, after King’s Wholesale Liquor.

King would legally change his name two years later.

In 1965, King was hired by the Miami Herald.  After King’s arrest in 1971 for grand larceny, he was suspended from the Miami Herald and the radio station.  After the dismissal of the charges, King was not rehired and subsequently moved to Louisiana as a freelance journalist.

CNN reported that by 1978, King had his first talk show, The Larry King Show.  In 1985, King joined CNN and hosted Larry King Live, which ran until December 2010.

In 2012 King co-founded Ora Media and continued broadcasting there.

Over the years King suffered from a heart attack, prostate and lung cancer, a nearly fatal stroke, and was recently treated for COVID-19, said CBS News. His cause of death has not yet been given and a memorial service will be announced by the King family.

“When I started nearly 25 years ago, in a small studio in Washington DC, I never thought it would last this long or come to this. I don’t know what to say, except to you, my audience, thank you. And instead of goodbye, how about so long,” said Larry King during his last sign-off.