Unwillingness to Concede, but Still Proceed

Photo Credit: CNN Politics

Kathy Karagiannis – Staff Writer

While President Donald Trump’s final days are numbered in the White House, the construction process for President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration is soon underway. Despite Trump’s unwillingness to concede, the transition remains in progress.

“The 46th President of the United States will be sworn in on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Both the vice president-elect and president-elect will take Oaths of Office, which usually takes place at noon, followed by an inaugural address,” Washington D.C said.

The safety of all spectator’s comes first and foremost when discussed with the congressional committee. What normally would be an Inauguration of over 200,000 people, will be fewer to ensure the safety of all.

 “No final decisions have been made as of yet, per the source, but it’s expected the platform will host far fewer than 1,600 people. There is also ongoing discussion about requiring Covid testing for anyone who remains on the main platform near Biden… Whatever else must change to accommodate the pandemic, people are getting ready for Biden’s inauguration come January, which will likely reflect the President-elect’s cautious, science-driven approach to the pandemic.,” CNN states.

The unknown of whether Trump will be present in the historic hand-off come the new year, leaves many questioning if the past due concessional speech will ever be delivered as well.

“Even though Trump’s lawsuits keep getting tossed out, it’s clear the president’s not planning to concede anytime soon,” Jimmy Fallon said Monday.

Late-night TV comedian, Jimmy Fallon, finds a creative way of piecing together a Trump concession speech made by his editing team.

Fallon’s team describes the creation as “a heavily edited montage strategically excerpting nuggets of truth and other out-of-context remarks from previous Trump speeches,” according to Los Angeles Times.