Disappointing Bears Continue Downward Spiral

Preston Smith throws up deuces in the endzone after scoring to put the Packers up 27-3. (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune)

Tim Folliard – Sports Editor

After starting the season with a record of 5-1, the Bears have gone 2020 mode and have lost the last five games. The most recent 16-point loss to the Packers especially stings for Bears fans. According to FiveThirtyEight, the Bears now only have a 24% of reaching the playoffs. 

Against the Packers, the Bears defense could not do enough. The Packers scored on their first three possessions and made the tough Bears defense look swiss cheese-esque. Those drives all ended with Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes. Throughout the course of the game, Rodgers was not sacked. 

The two early turnovers by the offense, an interception and fumble by Mitch Trubisky kept the Bears in a cave which they could never come out of. Trubisky’s fumble resulted in a scoop and score and prevented the offense from getting into any sort of rhythm. 

This was the first game Trubisky has started since Week 3. He was benched for poor performance in favor of Nick Foles. Foles, who has been less than stellar, started the previous seven games and was out due to injury. The Bears quarterbacks, especially Trubisky, have taken a lot of heat this season.

Prior to the game, NBC commentator and Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy said about Trubisky, “What he did wrong is he’s not Deshaun Watson and he’s not Patrick Mahomes. I think everybody holds that against him.”

Trubisky was infamously picked by the Bears ahead of Watson and Mahomes in 2017. Watson and Mahomes have had much better careers than Trubisky thus far. Mahomes already has an MVP and Super Bowl Championship to his name. But despite the three total turnovers, he finished with three touchdowns and was able to escape blame from some Bears fans.

“I am not even blaming Mitch on this one,” Benedictine student and Bears fan Tommy Samaras said. “He threw for over two hundred yards and three touchdowns. He did not have any time to think back there.” 

When the Bears beat the Panthers on October 18th, there was hope surrounding the team. Three out of the five victories this season were on fourth quarter comebacks. One of those comeback wins was against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on national television. Since then, the hope has vanished.

“The 5-1 start was a rollercoaster,” Benedictine student and Bears fan Arlind Rojba said. “I knew the Bears would come crashing down eventually, but they have done so in an absolutely unbelievable way.”

For the Bears to make the playoffs, they likely have to win the rest of their games. They play the Lions, Texans, Vikings, Jaguars and Packers. The Packers are the only one of those teams that has a better record than the Bears. But it is clear that the Bears’ biggest opponent has been themselves. They must fix their issues if they have any chance in winning their final games.