Pritzker Moves to Phase 2

Syeda Saberi – News Editor

America has once again hit a Covid-19 record with nearly one million hospitalizations as of this November. This second wave is supposedly bigger and more widespread than the first and is projected to increase in the next few days.

Officials at the Harvard University’s infectious diseases research center say that, “We are definitely in a better place” in regards to dealing with the virus. According to the Johns Hopkins university and the US Census bureau, 1 in 433 Americans have tested positive for Covid-19 just in the last week alone*. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced that certain counties (of which DuPage county is included) will be returning to Phase 2 beginning Wednesday. Phase 2 entails no indoor dining, and no gatherings larger than 10 people among other restrictions.

“We are all on the same team. We want to hang out with our friends, go to our favorite restaurants and big weddings, all the things we’ve been sacrificing since March. But only a few paths to get us there. “** stated director of Illinois Department of Public Health, Dr.Ngozi Ezike.

Pritzker recently announced the closing of indoor dining last week but with no changes, he stated that its necessary to move back to phase 2 until Illinois sees a decrease in the number of cases. Naperville’s Mayor Chirico is sympathizing with the restaurant owners in Naperville since contact tracing has not indicated that Covid is spreading from bars and restaurants.

“We’re not going to force restaurants out of business because this is what they think might be the source. It’s not my intention to start arresting our business owners. I’ll tell you that right now.” Stated Mayor Chirico. **

Several residents in Naperville and restaurant owners have voiced their concerns at a lack of PPP loans and funding that can support restaurant workers during Phase 2 regulations. Several residents have stated that while it is a scary time to go through, they do believe it is necessary even if it’s a “lose-lose” situation.