Getting to Know the Candidates: 2020 Election

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Amber Syed – Scene Editor

Elections are next week, and it is your right as an American citizen to go out and vote. You should vote for what you stand for, believe in and think would best benefit American society. Below is a list of candidates for Dupage county along with the United States senator candidates for this years primary election.

United States Senators 

Richard Durban is a democratic senator whose first priority is to get the coronavirus situation under control and with that he is also prioritizing rebuilding the economy. He also wants to bring America back together, not by everyone having the same viewpoints but rather having everyone show mutual respect for one another. 

Mark Curran is a republican senator who is prioritizing helping people in poverty and in the middle class. He believes everyone should have the right to live freely, be safe and have opportunities. 

Willie Wilson is running for senate with the original visions this country had, to make this a place where all people can be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. 

David Black is running for senate as a green party. His major issue to resolve is health care for everyone and also lowering the military budget in order to reach this goal. 

Danny Malouf is a libertarian running for senate. He is committed to the constitution, promoting peace, liberty, accountability, self-ownership, and sound economics. 

8th Congressional District

Raja Krishnamoorthi is a democratic running as a congressman. He wants to help the middle class grow and strengthen by supporting small businesses. He also wants to fight to make college more affordable, and guarantee equal pay for equal work. 

Preston Gabriel Nelson is a libertarian running for congress. He is going to fight to make the American population healthy and have a good immunity, especially to fight the coronavirus. 

48th District Representative

Terra Costa Howard is running for representative for the democrating party. She advocates for families and children, especially in poverty.  She also wants to ensure public schools get enough funding to be able to give every child the education they need. 

Peter Breen is  running for representative for the republican party. He wants to focus on the budget. He also wants to make the general assembly performance better and to help it reach its full potential. 

Clerk of the Circuit Court 

Candice Adams is running for the democratic party and wants to use her prior knowledge and experiences being an attorney to better develop and implement new procedures to the greater community. 

Chris Kachiroubas is running for the repubican party and he wants to promote good Court
Policies through his work. He has already implemented and invented many new things throughout his life being a clerk and he wants to continue doing that for the greater community.

Election day is November 3, and it is important for everyone to vote because every voice does count!