Bears Might be in Trouble

Nick Foles and the offense struggled this past Monday against the L.A. Rams. Photo Credit: Kevin Kuo/AP Photo

Logan Shepard – Sports Writer

The Bears look to get rid of the bad taste in their mouth after losing to the rams 24-10 last Monday. The game was not something the Bears offense wants to talk about. The Bears offensive unit only scored three points and the only touchdown was scored by the defense when Eddie Jackson scoring on a fumble. The Bears were in the red zone twice and did not score any points. One drive ended in an interception and another drive ended in a turnover on downs.

It’s starting to sound like a broken record but, the offense needs to improve if they have a chance to be a contender in today’s NFL. The Bears defense needs some help as they cannot catch their breath when the Bears go three and out every drive. The defense cannot hold teams to less then 10 points in every game.

They look to next week where they play the Saints in Chicago. The last time the Bears played to Saints they made the Bears look very bad. At the time, it was the worst loss that the Matt Nagy had in his career as they lost by 11 points.

The Bears goals for the game is to get better in the red zone. They must score 100% of time in the red zone to keep up with other teams’ offense. Keeping the Saints off the field so the Bears defense can stay fresh is an essential element to winning this game.

The Saints goals is to keep the Bears defense on the field and run the clock down limiting the plays the Bears can make. Hopefully, the Bears can flip the script and bounce back after a horrible game on Monday.