November 3rd Matters, Vote!

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Sanampreet Kaur Bhullar – Perspectives Writer

We live in disturbing times. While many of us might disagree on many political positions, it is crucial to admit that the times that we are living in are fraught with disagreement. It seems like, day after day, two political parties are in the midst of a war—a war where the country’s fate is on the line.

On one side, you have the Republicans, a party that is so destined to limit the government’s control on fundamental issues and, recently, has been trying to limit the central government’s authority on the virus to the states. On the other hand, you have the Democrats, a party trying to place the control of the virus on the hands of central government agencies. To many, this is the sign of a healthy and stable republic, where we have opposing viewpoints. Nothing can get more American than that.

However, with the political turmoil that we have faced during this year alone, it seems like we are more divided than ever. In my opinion, this division is tearing apart our country. Abraham Lincoln once said that a “house divided against itself cannot stand.” If we cannot find ourselves amongst this division, then America is destined to have every other civilization’s fate. We will fall if we don’t come to a consensus.

 We all must come to a compromise, but that compromise must be legitimate. It must be agreed upon by both sides. In addition, our leaders should stand for something better. The title alone should indicate the quality of the person who holds it, or else the title loses all sense of its formality and poise. Immaturity, ego, and pride should never have a role in any facet of our government.

When those who have been elected to serve in these offices don’t respect the basic etiquette and professionalism that comes with these offices they should be immediately unfit to serve.  This applies to all leaders in our government, even to the ones at the top.

I will leave everyone with this. We must hold this coming election as increasingly important in determining our country’s fate. We, as a nation, are at a crossroads. Whoever gets chosen in the position of power is destined to change our nation for the next coming 2, 4, or 6 years. It is important to vote, regardless of what side you are on. Vote for your life if you have to. People have the right to choose, and we must hold that basic trust in our government to help elect the right people for the job.