How has COVID-19 Affected Students and Faculty?

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Kaitlyn Estopare – News Writer

COVID-19 has affected many people and communities across the world. Issues such as the economy falling, unemployment due to closures, or shortages of cleaning supplies, one of the more strenuous issues is within schools. Although Benedictine University is taking big strides to provide a safe school year, there is still some problems that seem to be affecting students and professors. Benedictine University’s students Ahmed Arain, Caroline O’Connor, and faculty member Professor Peter Seely have all had noteworthy experiences on how COVID-19 has affected them.

Since the transition to online classes, students are struggling more than usual when it comes to schoolwork and class. Arain explains, “Covid-19 has made classes more difficult because not all of my classes have live lectures so I basically have to teach myself and on top of that I’m being assigned more homework than I usually would.”

Agreeing with Arain, O’Connor says, “COVID-19 has severely affected my school life, because most classes are online. Some classes are better than others in regards to how well the classes have been adapted to an online format.”

From a Professors perspective, the COVID-19 precautions have been a struggle. Professors are having to teach in a totally different manner than they are used to such as making numerous PowerPoints and the continuous demand to stay on top of technology. Professor Seely said, “I miss so many things about teaching in a classroom: the feedback and bond you get with students, and even in my one class that is in person, it becomes a pain cleaning while you’re in class. And in that class, it’s kind of a bummer not being able to see students’ faces.”

Teaching and learning behind a screen are difficult for both students and Professors, but this precaution is what will keep them safe from being exposed to or contracting COVID-19. Many have known a loved one or a friend who has had COVID-19 and recovered. A high school friend of Professor Seely who had been infected exclaimed it was like nothing she ever had before. Continuing to battle this fast spreading infection is Professor Seely’s wife, we thank her and all health care workers who have worked and researched tirelessly to help keep the world healthy and safe the best they can.

Although this transition is tough for most, despite the difficulties, students and staff at Benedictine University are abiding by the newly set guidelines to ensure the safety of themselves, friends, and co-workers.