Easy Halloween Costumes Straight Out of Your Closet

Aber Syed – Scene Editor

This year has been flying by which means Halloween will be here before we even realize it. With the restrictions due to COVID-19, no one wants to go out and buy an expensive costume. Here are a few looks you could create with what you already have at home!

The easiest outfit to go with is the “basic girl” look. Wear baggy sweatpants, a black shirt, Nike air forces, hair in a messy bun with a scrunchie, and of course either a Starbucks or Hydro Flask bottle in hand. You can also add a pair of aviator sunglasses for accessories.

Photo Credit: stealherstyle.net

Another super easy look that you could most likely create straight out of your closet is the biker chick look. Start the look with a pair of black jeans or leather pants, a fitted black tee, leather jacket, and combat boots. For accessories add black sunglasses, a choker, and don’t forget the red lipstick.

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Remember the witch costume you wore in elementary school? You can create it straight out of your closet too. Just take a plain black shirt and pair it with a black skirt or just simply wear a black dress. Also add a pair of black heels or boots and don’t forget your pointy hat and maybe your bloom.

Photo Credit: colormekiki.com

Rosie the Riveter is a super simple look to put together too. Start off with a denim button up shirt, black leggings, and high-top sneakers or combat boots. For accessories add a bandana with your hairstyle in any way you would like.

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com