Drive Thru Haunted Houses – New Way to Scare

Photo Credit:

Amber Syed – Scene Editor

Most people have all thought haunted houses would be impossible to have this year but fortunately haunted houses and drive thru haunted houses will be open this year.

Some of the haunted houses from last year will still be open this year with proper safety precautions. 13th floor haunted house, in Melrose Park, will ensure the safety of everyone by screening the temperature of all their staff and will be wearing proper face masks. They are limiting their capacity and requiring their guests to follow local guidelines.

Mack Manor, in Fox River Grove, has a free drive thru haunted house this year to keep the spooky season alive. This haunted house drive thru is in Fox River Grove. It is confirmed they will be opening but the date is not set yet. According to The Scare Factor, “A lot of determination, sweat, muscle and time is contributed to produce this tremendous exhibition”.

Other drive thru haunted houses may also be opening this year. Lincoln Park arcade bar is hosting a drive thru haunted house which will open October 2 and tickets will be $75 per vehicle. According to Time Out, they will have reservations available every 20 minutes.

Whether you’re walking through or driving through the haunted houses, proper precautions and safety measure will be taken to keep everyone safe and still have fun!