#BoycottMulan Sparks an Uprising

Photo Credit: John MacDougall – Getty Images

Sajina Jacobs – News Writer

“Boycott Mulan,” has been trending on several social media platforms according to Instagram and Twitter, but many users are unaware of its origins. The hashtag arose from the Pro-Hong Kong Police beliefs of the movie’s lead, Liu Yifei, to controversial decisions Disney made; even down to human rights violations, provoking activists and fans alike to call for justice.

              Disney released their live-action remake of Mulan on September 4th this year. At the same time, China possesses 380 internment camps and counting in the Xinjian region. According to The Guardian, these camps have been “used to detain Uighurs and people from other Muslim minorities.” In the past, Chinese authorities have denied the camps’ existence and described them to be vocational training and re-education programs that aim to alleviate poverty and counter terrorism threats. These camps have been found to be located near factories, leading to the assumption that there might be forced labor and arbitrary detention.

              This same region is where Disney decided to shoot portions of their new movie, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney offered its gratitude to some Chinese government agencies known to be involved in these alleged abuses. This brought activists together to call for a boycott; to try and raise awareness of the atrocities Disney is trying to ignore. The Reporter also states that Uyghur residents have been reported to being subjected to grueling political indoctrination regimens, forced labor and forced sterilization. China has faced scrutiny for their treatment of Muslim minorities for many years and the same issues are still present. 

              The House of Representative voted on September 22nd to ban imports from the region by an almost unanimous vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We must send a clear message to Beijing: These abuses must end now.” The ban has yet to be voted on by the Senate.