Bears Make a Change

Nick Foles came in off the bench to lead the Bears to a comeback victory. Photo Credit: John Bazemore/AP

Logan Shepard – Sports Writer

The game against the Atlanta Falcons was much of what Bears fans have seen over the last two games and the entire last season. Watching their team fall behind game after game trying to make something out of nothing.

The Bears were losing 26-10 midway through the third quarter when head coach Matt Nagy decided to make a change at quarterback. Michell Trubisky was simply not cutting it.

He had made the decision to put Nick Foles in at quarterback after the interception in the third quarter.

“I think really when I knew [it was time to make a change], it was the interception there on third down…We were struggling on third down a lot,” Nagy said. “We were not producing points in the red zone and I just think that sometimes there’s a gut feeling as to when to do it, and that seemed like the right time.”

The Bears would go on to win their game off the back of Nick Foles who had three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. Those passes put the Bears on top 30-26.

Nagy has already said that Nick Foles will be the starter against the next game and for weeks to come. The offense should be more aggressive as the playbook will be expanded. Expect to see more deep throws from Nick Foles. 

Foles will hope to carry his momentum against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday.