Candor Clips – What’s Going on out West?

Syeda Saberi – News Editor

Photo Credit: Eric Risberg – Associated Press

West Coast Wildfires

West coast wildfire season has started and states like Oregon, Idaho, California and Washington are covered in thick smoke and orange skies. Health officials at NOAA’s National Weather Service have labeled this as a critical and elevated risk and warn residents that ongoing fires have the chance of easily spreading as wind gusts increase. The dry weather in California and Oregon has a higher potential for producing fires according to NOAA. So far, the fires have killed 24 people and evacuated thousands of people from their homes. Wyatt Tofte, a 13-year-old Oregon resident, was one of the deceased along with his grandmother Peggy mosso as they were attempting to escape the fire that hit Marion County, Oregon. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon stated the following during his interview on This Week: “I drove 600 miles up and down the state, and I never escaped the smoke. We have thousands of people who have lost their homes. I could have never envisioned this.”

Shooting in LA

Two officers were ambushed and shot in Los Angeles this past Saturday. Video footage shows an unidentified suspect approaching the patrol car in which the officers were in, and open firing on them. Both officers, one male and one female, were rushed to St. Francis Medical center. Families of the officers confirmed that they have had surgery and are recovering.


Protesters showed up to the hospital shouting profanities and arguing with hospital security about being let into the hospital to continue protesting. A video posted by a protester shows the interaction between hospital security and the individuals who can be heard yelling “I hope they f*****g die.” Several members of the press were arrested for failing to comply to officers, and the sheriff’s department sent out a warning to protestors to not block hospital emergency entrances and exits. President Trump has spoken out on the shooting, tweeting the following “Animals that must be hit hard!”