Adapting to the Changes Around Us

Sanampreet Kaur Bhullar – News Writer

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We have all lived under the global pandemic for most of this year and continue to face the harsh realities and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. At this moment, we cannot control or predict the spread of the virus.

Each event cancelled or rescheduled is a loss of security.  In these times of quarantine, it can be easy to see why some people are experiencing hopelessness, anxiety, or depression. We, as a country, need to be united more than ever. This central ethos has been embodied at Benedictine University as students and faculty try to navigate the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

It is an unusual semester. However, it is important to stay involved more than ever. Benedictine University has offered many opportunities for those looking to stay connected with the school and is planning to offer future opportunities too.  

For example, those who were our orientation leaders can attest to the virtual events that were offered for our freshmen and transfer students. These virtual events involved trivia nights and virtual calls to address any questions or concerns regarding this semester. Orientation leaders were given the opportunity to call these new students, as well.  Healthy relationship seminars were offered for students as well. These seminars gave students the necessary resources to develop healthy relationships amongst their peers.  

To the freshmen and those who transferred into the school, we thank you for your commitment to the school. These are unusual times and we know that you were not planning to have your first semester virtual.  It is imperative that you stay involved with the school because, at points, school can get unstable and frustrating.

This semester should not be indicative of our future at Benedictine University. We will come back from this. It takes hope and perseverance to keep pushing into the future.  I recommend all of you to try to generate hope and perseverance in every facet of your daily life whether it be through sports, clubs, or your classes. It will get better, but we need to give these times all the available amount of time it can get.

What that means is that we need to follow all general recommendations: wearing a mask and staying at least six feet apart. We need to follow these recommendations for our lives to return to normal. College is a time that most young people use to develop into the person they are as an adult.  

Since the orientation leader events were offered over the summer, there are going to be future events throughout the semester. Some of these events will include trivia nights and magician acts, all done virtually over Zoom or other video call services. Please contact Marco Masini for more details (