Gigi Hadid’s Pregnancy Update

Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy photoshoot. Photo Credit:

Amber Syed – Scene Perspective

One of the biggest announcements in the world of modeling and fashion during quarantine had to be Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announcing their first pregnancy.

They both have been keeping the pregnancy on the quiet side, but since their announcement everyone has been talking about it. On Aug. 31, Hadid shared her maternity photos on Instagram from her 33 week pregnancy photoshoot, which also indicated that she is around 38 weeks pregnant now and due at any time!

On Sep. 6, she posted some of her cravings on Twitter. According to Elle, these cravings include delivery cupcakes, supreme triple chunk brownies & make-your-own ranch mix dip w carrots.

One of her biggest cravings is bagels, and she even received a bagel cake for her birthday.