New York Governor Allows Couples To Be Legally Married Via Zoom

zoom wedding
Photo Caption: Governor Andrew Cuomo Issues New Executive Order About Online Marriages
Credit: ABC7 New York 

Andrew Tran

Perspectives Editor

While everyone has been on lock down during the past 4 weeks, many people have to cancel their scheduled weddings for the end of March and for the month of April because of the social distancing guidelines.

This leaves couples in a very weird spot since they cannot obtain their marriage licenses and be married physically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, governor Andrew Cuomo had released an executive declaration which allows New Yorkers to obtain their marriage licenses remotely and allows clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference.

That means Zoom will be the video conferencing app used as the platform to marry couples who planned their weddings for the end of March and the month of April. However, other couples have found alternative methods other than using Zoom to have their weddings. For example, they have put together social distancing appropriate parties like live streaming their wedding either through YouTube or Twitch. The possibilities are endless for online video conferencing. 

So what is a zoom wedding?

The bride’s family and the bridegroom’s family create their own meeting room in which they invite all their friends and relatives that have video cameras and internet access available. After that, they ask the marriage clerk the best time for him or her to serve at their wedding. It is not exactly the same as a physical wedding but it does share some aspects. For some people, it makes the event even more intimate. By intimate, they said that their wedding vows had been more sacred and special since they could focus on that more than the other parts of a wedding.