Maintaining a healthy mind during the pandemic

healthy mind

Amber Syed

Scene Editor

During times like now, people cope with the stress differently than others. This pandemic is causing an immense amount of stress to everyone. However, making sure you know how to deal with this stress is very important. Here are a few ways to help you cope with the stress:


Most people watch the news during these times, which is good because you know what’s going on, but you also need to take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to the news. According to the CDC, constantly hearing about the pandemic can be very upsetting.


It is also very important to take care of your body. Make sure to take deep breaths throughout the day, stretch, and meditate. It is also super important to watch what you put into your body. This means eating healthy and well balanced meals, avoiding alcohol and drugs, exercising daily, and getting plenty of sleep.


The last thing to help deal with stress is to talk about it. In today’s era we can simply call a friend or someone we trust to talk about how we feel.