A word from the editors

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Syeda Saberi

News Editor

As we wrap up the spring semester, we’d like to send out a heartfelt thanks to all of our readers for their never ending support and encouragement. The Candor staff is looking forward to the coming semester with hope and optimism and we cannot wait to bring you more news and headlines! A few words from our editors and future staff members:

Amber Syed – Scene Editor: “My name is Amber Syed and I am a senior majoring in communications and psychology next year. I’ve been writing for the Candor for almost 3 years now and it’ll be my second year in the fall semester as an editor for the Scene. I think it’s super fun writing for the scene section of the Candor and I hope to write about things that are helpful and interesting to my readers.”

Syeda Saberi- News Editor: “Hi all, my name is Syeda and I am a health science senior. I’ve been a writer for the Candor since my sophomore year and I’ve gained so much from my time here than I could’ve imagined. The Candor has been a welcome break from all of my health science courses and I would recommend anyone with a passion for writing to try it out! All the support I’ve received from my peers and professors on any articles I’ve written has been more than enough motivation for me to continue writing! This semester has been the most interesting of all and I look forward to what the next semesters will bring to the Candor.”

Matti Oshin – Social Media: “I am a graduating senior hoping to pursue a career in PR or marketing. I’m grateful for all the experience I’ve gotten from working as Social Media Editor for the Candor. I’m hoping that my successor continues on with spreading our news on a larger platform. Thank you to all who follow us on social media!”

Joey Spahn – Editor-in-Chief: “I am thrilled to be the new editor-in-chief for the Candor next school year. The Candor in its entirety has such a rich and strong history as the ‘watch dogs’ for our University and I hope to continue this hard-news tradition with a twist of new-age media. My goal is for students to look forward to the publications we post every week and to create engagement with students on our campus.  I hope everyone is staying safe during these troubling times.”