How Have Student Athletes Been Affected?

Joey Spahn
Sports Editor

Over the course of the past few months everyone throughout the country has been affected one way or another by this ongoing pandemic. On college campuses all over, this trend remains the same and student athletes who were competing in their spring season have had to face the reality of not being able to complete the rest of their season.

This was an abrupt change of pace for all student athletes. It has been a dramatic lifestyle, and for seniors their last chance at playing a collegiate sport has come and gone. The NCAA has granted all spring athletes another year of eligibility, however for some it is an unrealistic expectation to come back for another full academic year.

Emma Redfern, a California native, who was a senior on the women’s lacrosse team had her season end abruptly and didn’t get the closure she wanted.

“I think a lot of athletes looked forward to that senior game, where the many years of playing come to a close,” said Redfern. “Knowing that I won’t get that is heartbreaking.”

The senior game, or final home meet, is every senior’s last home game, and for some the last collegiate game they will ever play. There is typically a ceremony, with flowers, and their parents in attendance. Unfortunately for all the BenU seniors, this will not take place, which leaves them only with the memories from past seasons.

DJ Anderson, who was an All-American this past indoor track season, was crushed when he heard the news. Given his indoor number and outdoor numbers the past season, he was expected to dominate in the NAAC conference this year.

“I was in shock because something like this has never happened,” stated Anderson. “This upcoming year I plan on starting where I left off”.

Nevertheless, patience is the key to helping majority of student athletes over the coming months. Trying to keep a routine schedule and a consistent training program to keep them in shape will be a challenge, but it will all be worth it when all the Eagles are back out on the field.