Staying active during isolation

Working out can be just as easy as before! Image courtesy of

Amber Syed

Scene Editor

Exercising is a major part of keeping yourself healthy…even during the coronavirus pandemic.  According to BBC News, Experts at the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) say a healthy diet will reduce the risk of becoming severely ill with the virus.

Although gyms are closed due to the virus, many companies are offering free workouts through apps. According to Market Watch, Peloton is offering thousands of strength, yoga, stretching, boot camp and cardio workouts on its app, as well as meditation exercises and outdoor running coaching, which don’t require any expensive equipment. They also extended their 30 day free trial period to 90 days.

Other companies offering free workouts include Soulcycle, Nike Training Club, Daily Burn, Planet Fitness, and Corepower Yoga.

Even though we are all stuck at home, we can come out of quarantine more active than before.