Coronavirus won’t stop SNL

Tom Hanks Appears on Saturday Night Live from his house. Photo credit: New York Times

Andrew Tran

Perspectives Editor

For the first time since its 45 years of broadcasting, Saturday Night Live will not be filmed in the studio with a live audience. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they have elected to film their entire episode from their homes as a sign of respect to the social distancing guidelines. Instead of “Live from New York”, they said, “Live From Zoom, It’s Saturday Night From Home”. 

As many students and professors have learned, Zoom has become one of the largest video conferencing apps to help everyone stay connected during this pandemic. The comedians and actors have asked Tom Hanks to host this episode and he happily agreed to do so. He was all for it since he knew everyone in the US has their focus on the virus. 

When the episode opened, Tom Hanks was in his kitchen where he recounted his experiences of contracting the coronavirus and his healing process in Australia. The medical workers took his temperature; however, they used Celsius instead of Fahrenheit which added more anxiety to the seasoned actor. 36 was good while 38 was very poor according to the workers. During his monologue, he described his coronavirus experience as something similar to the American Dad. He joked that no one wanted to be around him because they were not comfortable which is a joke on how American Dads could be very cringey and embarrassing. Despite that, he gave us all plenty to laugh about especially during the lockdown. 

For someone to host SNL after being quarantined in Australia, it takes a lot of guts. I am sure everyone is probably aware that Tom Hanks is a national treasure that must be protected at all costs. He is a relative of Mr. Fred Rogers and he continues to carry on his message of passing on peace and joy during a time of unrest and stress. He has lost his hair while in quarantine; however, he is still the same Tom Hanks from his roles as Woody or Mr. Rogers. Click here to see his monologue here