Gun Sales Peak During Pandemic

Joey Spahn
Sports Editor

In the midst of all this panic, people are all reaching for something to keep them safe, and no it’s not a mask, hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Guns, in fact, are peaking in sales which has led to the highest ever spike in U.S. gun sales history.

This rapid growth is due to two factors.

The first, according to Georgia State University law school professor Timothy Lytton, who is an expert on the U.S. gun industry, says that “civil society – fire, police, and health services – could be severely erode someday, leading to a breakdown in law and order.”

The other has to do with concern about the higher-ups in government impeding on constitutional rights. Lytton says, “Public health measures, such as shelter-in-place, restricting peoples’ movements, restricting what people can buy raises fears among many groups…” This fear could lead to a potential collapse of authority, which has many trying to prepare for the ‘worst case scenario’.

According to, the FBI conducted 3.7 million background checks within March of 2020 and has seen the highest total since the beginning of the program in 1998. This showed a 1.1 million increase at the same time last year. Most notably, Illinois was the leader in sales with around half a million.

This purchasing craze has led to struggles in re-stocking shelves for gun stores across the country. This common trend has scared some individuals enough to exercise their 2nd amendment right. Only time will tell when we are able to go back to a fully functioning society.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.