Get Comfortable with Your Favorite Celebrities

Sara Molina

Yo-Yo Ma in his video performing Going Home.

With the panic and loneliness of self-isolation, Grammy award winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma created the trend #SongsOfComfort. On March 13, Yo-Yo Ma released his cello cover of Going Home on YouTube.

Music has always been a relief for Yo-Yo Ma, he explained, “In these days of anxiety, I wanted to find a way to continue to share some of the music that gives me comfort.” Now, with Ma’s encouragement, people all over the world are joining the movement to send hope from their homes.

People have found #SongsOfComfort as a way to stay connected with one another. YouTube user Sara Hamid commented, “What a lovely way to spread positivity and comfort, through music. Through these tremulous times perhaps we can all find a way to unite through love, compassion and kindness.”

#SongsOfComfort is not just limited to one genre, it has sparked other projects. James Corden went live with the Homefest special where entertainers such as John Legend and David Blaine performed live.

Actor Patrick Stewart host #ASonnetADay on Twitter where he will be reading all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, and the hashtag also started #PoemsOfComfort. They all share one message, stay home and stay safe.