Palatine Helping People During These Hard Times

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Palatine Township Center still open during coronavirus pandemic

The Covid-19 virus, or coronavirus, pandemic is affecting everyone around Illinois. The residents at Palatine have taken advantage of the free time they have, because almost everything is closed. They formed a volunteer group, Helping Neighbors Around Palatine (HNAP). According to Patch, these volunteers help assist people in their area with non-emergency daily challenges.

Pam Collins, HNAP organizer, told Patch, “The elderly and individuals in Palatine who are home-bound for other reasons often need help with their chores as well as errands and have nowhere to turn. Our volunteers can help with prepaid prescription pick up and drop off as well as grocery and supply shopping. We can also help with teacher support, childcare, meal preparation and handyman work in addition to a wide array of challenges we face on a day to day basis.”

To volunteer or if you’re a Palatine resident in need, you can contact HNAP by phone at 224-801-4265 or by email at