Dating During A Global Pandemic: It’s Still Possible!

Andrew Tran
Perspectives Editor

Photo Caption: TikTok Star Jeremy Cohen and his date, Tori Photo Credit: Maxwell Swift

I am just waiting for this story to show up on Netflix as the next new, viral romantic movie after this outbreak. This is the literal love story sweeping the internet by storm; Jeremy Cohen decided to ask his neighbor across the street to a date, except he did by writing his number on a drone. Jeremy Cohen is a Brooklyn-based music photographer and filmmaker who has worked with famous stars such as Miley Cyrus and Lizzo. One day, he saw his neighbor across the street dancing on the rooftop and he shouted across his building in short conversation. During these actions, Jeremy decided to go for it! He wrote his number onto a piece of paper on his drone and piloted it over to his neighbor across the street. The message was highly receptive since his neighbor texted back her number including her name. Even though he went for it, Jeremy was so nervous to talk to her because “flirting was usually very daunting” for him.

After the first part, Jeremy decided to continue his dating experience by having a dinner date with Tori (her first name) from their buildings. He recorded bits and pieces of their date for his TikTok and his fans loved every single second of it! He asked her roommate to set up tables where they could eat their dinners and raise their glasses into the air. Contacting via FaceTime, the two ate and drank their wine. He even shouted compliments to Tori saying, “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!” from his balcony during the date. After dinner, he reported to his fans that his date went well and he was going to take things to the next level. This was going to blow everyone away.

To make sure he stays quarantined, he decides to step inside a giant inflatable plastic bubble before walking and rolling a short distance to Tori’s home. Like a gerbil in a plastic ball, he wanted to see Tori face to face while following quarantine guidelines of course. He even brought flowers! After officially meeting up, they decided to go for a short walk in their neighborhood while enjoying their company and conversation. At one point, they ran into some NYPD officers who wanted to take a photo of the couple because they heard about their story on the news.

After their walk date, he took the time to promote two worthy causes with his new internet fame. These organizations were a small-business booster called Help Main Street and food bank organization Feeding America. He posted links on his Twitter page prior to his third video update to bring awareness to these two social causes. The full story Parts 1, 2 and 3 can all be found on his TikTok @JeremyCohn which has exploded ever since he posted Part 1 of his adventure. At a time like this, it always heart-warming to see young love and seeing ways how we can all stay connected during this troubling time.