Ways to Stay Sane While in Quarantine

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Jaclyn Mellone staying sane while being home during this pandemic

Humans being one of the most social animals needing constant human interaction, being stuck inside their homes constantly is a huge struggle.

The first thing to do to keep your sanity is setting goals for yourself. These could be big overall goals or daily goals to continue. Harry Styles is a great example of this. He decided to learn a whole new language, Latin, to help pass his time while learning a new skill. The other option is setting small goals such as cleaning up one room in your house every day.

The second way is to help out the greater community. Most hospitals are completely out of necessary items to keep themselves protected from the virus. Making masks is super easy at home and beneficial for the first responders in your community. It’s an easy way to help the community in a time of panic right from your own home.

The last thing to do is stay active. Staying at home makes a lot of people lazy. A CTV News reporter, Alanna Kelly, was in quarantine for 14 days and she talked about how she dealt with being stuck in her apartment for two weeks and how staying active even during that time made her day better. According to CTV News Kelly stated “It really makes a difference in your day… I think it is one small thing we can do to feel more like ourselves”.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.