Classes to be on-line only until April 6 due to virus

Below is a communication from the university:


While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 within the Benedictine community, we must do our part to combat the spread of this coronavirus. As such, the University has decided to take necessary steps to keep our students, faculty, staff and the greater community safe:

Following the University’s Spring Break (March 16-20), classes for students at all levels and all campuses will be conducted virtually starting Monday, March 23. In-person classes are expected to resume Monday, April 6. Graduate and adult undergraduate classes scheduled for March 16-20 will also be held virtually.

Students who can leave campus, should leave campus by Sunday, March 22. Those departing for spring break should take with them any items essential to carrying on their education from home. This includes laptops, textbooks, notebooks, important documents, etc.

Resident students who need to remain on campus, must fill out a Petition to Stay form via the Benedictine website, to be reviewed by the Dean of Students. Petitions must be received by Monday, March 16 at 3:00 p.m. Those who need to remain on campus are encouraged to practice social distancing as described by the CDC.

For additional information, see the university website.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.