What is Next for Tom Brady?

Joey Spahn
Sports Editor

Spending 20-years in one place is a long time, but is that incentive enough to make the ‘greatest quarterback of all time’ stay in the only place he’s known?

Over the past NFL season, there has been constant discussions as to where Tom Brady will go. Now 42, he is not the most attractive offer to most professional teams, but according to espn.com there are four realistic options for not only these teams but Brady himself.

Brady has told media outlets since 2017 that he plans on playing until he’s 45, which seems to be strongly backed by self-built company: TB12. This company specializes in longevity and pliability, the most important keys to maintaining a healthy body. His methods or plans to follow involve extremely careful dieting and lifts/stretches to get the most out of your body, and given his current NFL standing people are starting to buy into methods.

His proven longevity has attracted a handful of teams that are willing to take a chance on the 6-time Super Bowl winner. These team include: The New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans.

Other than the Patriots, who he led to the divisional round of the playoffs this past year, these three teams in recent years have not had the greatest success, especially the Buccaneers. The Bucs haven’t made the postseason since 2007 and have only two winning seasons in the past ten years to show for it. They seem to have a solid squad who is relatively young but struggle in the quarterback department. Adding Brady could be the jolt they needed to turn their franchise struggles around and finally get back to the postseason.

The Titans had a fantastical run this past year making it to the AFC Championship, and even beat the Patriots, but other than that they have had troubles managing to find a solid quarterback to lead them. However, they have found success in their new coach, Mike Vrabel, who has the characteristics of a coach who is determined to win in the NFL.

Finally, the Chargers, who have had a dominant franchise quarterback, Philip Rivers, is currently searching the market for their new beacon of hope. They let Rivers go this offseason because of his current issues throwing the ball. Rivers finished third in the NFL for receptions with 20, and with that made their decision easier to let him go.

As for now, Brady is very quiet about where he is considering going. Fans from all over are pleading their case, including Patriots Star receiver, Julian Edelman, who has created numerous t-shirts to create a ‘campaign’ for Brady’s return.

The future is unpredictable for Brady’s home, which then leaves the question. Would he tarnish his career of 20 seasons in New England by leaving or will he prove that he is the ‘GOAT’ by having success with another franchise?