30th Annual Health Professions Fair

Syeda Saberi

News Editor

Dr. Regina Schurman. Photo Credit: Syeda Saberi

Benedictine University will be holding their 30th annual health professions fair next Wednesday, March 11th, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm in Goodwin Hall. The health fair will give students the chance to meet with professional, graduate, and post bachelor schools with medical programs to understand the requirements of applying to that school after completing their bachelor’s degree and give them an idea of what to work on while still completing their undergraduate studies. Among the schools that will be present are Midwestern University, Illinois College of Optometry, Rosalind Franklin University, and the St. George’s University of London.

“It’s a chance for you to talk to different schools so that you can plot out what to do now and over the next few semesters to become the best prepared candidate for that school. You will get to see what kind of learning the school offers, and whether that learning environment fits you.” stated Pre-Health adviser Dr. Regina Schurman.

All are encouraged to attend regardless of their year in school as several schools will be talking about their clinical requirements and which professions to turn towards to earn patient hours. The College of DuPage, which offers an extensive array of programs such as EKG, EMT, phlebotomy, and nursing, will discuss their certification programs while Scribe America will provide information on applying for a scribe job.

“When you come through health professions recommendation committee, you are able to provide a rich portfolio of your experience and passion and it makes it easier for us to write a letter of recommendation [on the student’s behalf,” continued Dr. Schurman.

For any students interested in a health profession, Dr. Regina Schurman will be replacing former pre health advisor Ms. Alice Sima, and is available to answer any questions. Dr. Schurman has been a member of the Benedictine staff for many years and worked primarily with graduate students and is more than happy to share her insight and advice on pursuing a career in the health field. Look for her office in Birk 337.

Author: The Candor

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