Gigi Hadid Slams Jake Paul

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid in 2016

On February 22 both Zayn Malik and Jake Paul were in Las Vegas for a big boxing match. According to Cosmopolitan, the next day Paul took to Twitter and wrote saying Malik was a little guy and had an attitude. He also added in that he started off his fame as a teen in the band One Direction, as a “childhood star”. Paul also claimed that Malik attempted to start a fight with him.

Malik did not respond to the Tweet, but his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, did and did a pretty good job at defending her boyfriend. She responded telling Paul he has an embarrassing crew and Malik will be unbothered and also added that he’s ugly and irrelevant.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.