Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Jake Paul’s ex and new girlfriend after his boxing match

Only 6 months ago Jake Paul got married to Tana Mongeau in Las Vegas. Now Paul is dating Julia Rose, a viral World Series flasher.

They were first seen together in Miami for Paul’s boxing match. According to News, Rose supported her boyfriend all week ahead of the competition and at events. After that they also went to an after part where Rose and Mongeau stage a fight that ended with a passionate kiss as a joke on Paul.

Paul posted a photo on Instagram of himself and Rose and captioned it, “bro so what”. Soon after, Mongeau Tweeted indirectly, “I just hope you’re happy”. According to MTV, initially when the two decided to separate, they said they’d remain good friends.

Although Paul and Mongeau have a past, Rose and Mongeau have no bad blood between each other. They posted a snap of them hanging out after Paul’s boxing match.