Bottles and Bottega

Yasmeen Ahmad
News Writer

Bottles and Bottega was an event hosted by the Student Affairs-Programming Board on February 6th,2020 at 7:30PM at Coal Ben. The event was completely free, the only thing asked of students was to sign up ahead of time at Krasa 020.

About 60 students were in attendance, and there were more waiting for a chance to take a spot and join in the fun. Bottles and Bottega is a painting session hosted by a company that comes and teaches students how to create a certain painting. However, for those who do not like the painting that is being taught, there is always an option to free-lance and do your own type of painting.

As you walked into the back of Coal Ben, there were canvases with paint brushes and paint next to them set up for students to come and sit. Seats weren’t assigned so students could sit by friends and enjoy a night of painting and fun. Once the room began to fill up, the painting session started. In spirit of Valentine’s Day, the painting for the course was a multicolored patchy background with two hearts side by side.

“This was my first time going to Bottles and Bottega and I had so much fun, it was a nice end to the week to be able to just paint have fun with friends”, reflected Benedictine University sophomore Rama Alzein.

Although the painting seemed a little difficult, there were a variation of ways to do it so that everyone could add their own artistic twist. It seemed especially simple because the teachers taught it in an easy-to-follow, step by step manner. At the end of the night, there were many different paintings that reflected a variety of artistic styles. Overall, the room was filled with good energy and excitement amongst students and friends.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.