Women’s Lacrosse Season Preview

Joey Spahn
Sports Editor

Photo Credit: benueagles.com

After a disappointing season last year; the Benedictine Women’s lacrosse team hopes to prevail this season and make a name for themselves in the Midwest Women’s Lacrosse Conference.

“As a team last year, it was really hard to not be able to win anything, those kinds of things take a toll on the team” Said Senior Emma Redfern. “I’m really hoping we are able to tale last years failure and turn them into something awesome this year.”

Last season the Eagles did not win a game, but it wasn’t from a lack of effort. There were five games that the goal differential was within two. On top of that they are returning most of their starting lineup and it is the cohesive bond they hope brings them success this season.

“The team itself is something else, we are so close” said Redfern. “It’s like having 12 sisters that you get to hang out everyday with. When someone is struggling there are always people that have your back, to keep you going and to push you to be better.”

Emily Vellender, Ries McCue and Chloe Smith were named the captains for this year’s squad. They were named the captains in a press release posted this past Monday by benuealges.com. McCue scored 12 goals last season and was one of the top scorers for the Eagles.

“We have all been pushing ourselves harder than ever, so we are able to get a better turn out than last year” Redfern emphasized. “It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come, and I can’t wait to be on the field again with all my favorite ladies.”

The ladies kick off their first game of the season on February 25th at Carthage College.