New Costco Location Might Close Down Ogden 6 Movie Theatre

Andrew Tran
Perspectives Editor

Photo Caption: Ogden 6 Movie Theatre in Naperville Credit: Daily Herald

When someone thinks of a movie theatre, they think of the seats, the screen, the sound, and the popcorn. They all contribute to the distinct experience where people of any age can enjoy and grow to love. These types of experiences all follow Ogden 6 Theatres. Ogden 6 Theatres was opened by AMC on November 5, 1976 and it served as the first multi-screen cinemas in Chicago suburbs. It has served thousands of patrons since its opening and it has become a Naperville brand among its residents. It recently underwent renovations in 2018 to bring 4K, luxury seating, and 7.1 sound to all of its auditoriums. Now, this piece of history might cease to exist due to Costco’s plans of adding another Costco in Naperville.

This comes as a shock to Naperville patrons and students of Benedictine University as the new Costco location will impact the popular movie theatre. For the past 4 years, Benedictine University has offered a Thrilling Thursday event each semester where students could watch any movies available at Ogden 6 for free by showing their school ID. However, this will all change with Costco’s move-in plans. The plan calls for the usage of the entire vacant lot which includes Ogden 6 Theatres to create a new Costco store in Naperville. There is no way to share the space and Ogden 6 knows this. If Costco does not build a new facility within the lot then Ogden 6 will stay open. If Costco moves forward with the new facility, Ogden will have to close. Despite this information, Naperville residents have reacted in opposition to Costco’s plan. About 7,300 people have signed a petition to save “Ogden 6 Theatres”. Even though Ogden 6 has so much support, the social media account for Ogden 6 has posted that they are working on finding a new location to move in the meantime and they appreciate the support that residents have given to the movie theatre. Ogden 6 Theatres attracts about 300,000 patrons each year.

This is saddening to hear that Ogden 6 Theatres might be closing because of its rich history with Chicago suburbs. I have watched a couple of movies at Ogden 6 and it is a very pleasant alternative movie theatre to the Cinemark 7 Bridges Movie Theatre. It serves a middle point for students and friends who live far in like Roselle or Carol Stream. For the current and former students, they do not want to see this movie theatre go because it provides some of the fun activities at Benedictine University. With the movie theatre gone, it will become more difficult to enjoy college in such a freezing state.

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.