Billie Eilish has Multiple People Impersonating Her

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish is one of the most noticeable people with her unique fashion and her bright hair. Her signature pose is her shielding her face, making it very easy for fans to impersonate her.

According to Buzzfeed she recently went on her Instagram story with screenshots and pleaded to her impersonators to stop. She also explained that it was not safe for people to do this, mean to her fans because they don’t know it’s her, and it also makes Eilish look bad.

After posting on her story, the person responsible came forward and apologized on an Instagram post saying “I gathered a crowd and had an acrobat pretending to be Billie do a huge cheer flip, which revealed it was not Billie,” furthermore he said “I had absolutely no intention of disrespecting Billie. I’m a big fan, like everyone else.”

Author: The Candor

Student media at Benedictine University.